Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Song of the Night

It drifts down the hill-side
A melancholy tune
Sung by the stars
And the man in the moon
It ripples the fields of silver grass
Nature’s piano and it’s first-class
I hear its soft strain
In the breeze that sighs
A soulful refrain
Trickling ‘cross the skies
It moans in the alley
And the deserted street
Weeps in the valley
Aching in each heart-beat
A silent symphony
Permeating the air
Resonating deeply
In the heart of despair
The music fades
Like a sigh in the wind
And I beg of the night
Won’t you play it again?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


  1. Thank God for these poems that flow
    I can keep reading them forever

    I do not know why people give up on rhyme and meter
    I do not know what is in and what is out-dated
    Honestly i do not care
    As long as i feel lifted and elated
    I know the opium is there ( in your poems :) )

  2. Love your rhyme! May rhyme live on! Thank-you for making my day! You have no idea how astounded I am at the timing of your words! God does:)


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