Thursday, June 27, 2019

Once Upon a Time and Place (that always steals the child away)

 Victoria ready for Prom

Once we were the ones who danced on heartstrings without second thought
Too young to stand still too long, where strong the tug-for-more besought
Once we wore the wings that fluttered far too fast to who-knew-where
Didn’t know that daddy’s heart was like a big, fat teddy bear

Once we were the son or daughter who turned mom’s heart inside out
Eager to test deeper waters in a world we heard about
Once we catered to the lion roaring behind rib-caged bars
Didn’t know her heart was like a dart-board bearing sacred scars/stars

Once upon a time and place that always steals the child away
We were heedless as the wind, of that which turns the dark tress gray
Once while mom and dad stood by we tried the tender ties that bind
Didn’t know how soon we would step into shoes they left behind

© Janet Martin

So thankful to the host of Victoria's pre-prom celebration...
She picked me up (as I was car-less today and not exactly living next door!)
 so I could enjoy the moment/memories


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