Friday, June 28, 2019

So Real, Yet So Surreal

 ...and just like that June has almost flashed by!!

Windows frame a panoramic Masterpiece where green and gold
‘Neath blue heavens sets the stage for cast of colour to unfold

Moments like mist-kissed ellipses melt and meld present to Past
What yet waits always eclipses whispers we are holding fast

Morning pours from doors up yonder to earth’s berth; we, passers through
Often overcome with wonder in a world of ‘nothing new’

Summer, like a silver sparkle slipping from a sumptuous vine
Enchants us with pink and purple snows of rose and columbine

We, all somewhat bound together by the weather and A Wheel
Find, in Farewell's seasoned tether, common ground and grind, surreal

Wanting nothing now but the momentous Moment, all we plead
We feel falling through our fingers like a slideshow gath’ring speed

© Janet Martin

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