Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Ode to June (or a beginning of summer celebration song)

 I've been looking for a bit of time to write an ode 
to one of my favorite months that always flashes by!

 I didn't get a chance to write a First Day of Summer Poem this year
so I guess this is in place of...

Lane-ways lined with lily-looms
Bare feet planted in the dirt
Sky-wide outdoor living-rooms
Garden salad…for dessert

Flower-bower brogue beguiles
Who can resist summer’s sigh?
Sort of like a lover smiles
To his true love passing by

Green and silver concerto
Ripples across grassy bars
Where June’s flute and piano
Plays a tune of petal-stars

Breezes banter, trees reply
Composition, blue and jade
Beckons bee, bird, butterfly
To lush lilts of dappled shade

Now nature holds nothing back
Free-for-all long longed for show
Scatters beauty’s bric-a-brac
Anywhere that it can grow

Winds it round the weathered gate
Binds the wounds of earth with bloom
Nothing can quite compensate
For the tender touch of June

Climb dusk’s blue ladders of sod
Soft on lofty hillside laid
Reach and touch the hand of God
From the temple He has made

Wade with minnows in the brook
Linger longer, smell the rose
Live the pictures in a book
That soon June will gently close

© Janet Martin

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