Friday, February 21, 2020


Little girl's mommy has a birthday today!
So we baked something extra-special; 
Butter tarts
Make and cut your favorite pastry
press into pans
Filling :

and because one of the moms I used to babysit for has a birthday today as well
I doubled the batch of tarts and shared with both of them this piece of my heart...

The years fly by while you and I suffer its smiles and tears
Feeling like passengers on floats Father Time commandeers
Where seasons weave then leave behind a strange, surreal parade
Of scenes and echoes intertwined from memories we made

The brunt of here and now will soon soften its virile grasp
And gather days together like threads knitted into Past
So we cannot afford to miss what slips through us like air
Love’s fist-a-cuff, kiss, grins and groans of triumph and despair

Sometimes we scold time’s hurried way that chases boys and girls
Its wink vexes the heart with art soon strewed like scattered pearls
Yet as we chide this brazen thief it gives our hearts a lift
To recognize the irony; each birthday is a gift

Aha, the Hand that takes extends the mercies that we raid
Chins dripping with the holiness of love and life’s crusade
Where with the common flux of steady, simple tick and tock
Moment-jewels fill treasure-vaults that no key can unlock

© Janet Martin

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