Wednesday, February 26, 2020

How Commonly The Hour Swells...

How easily the mind wanders and wishes 
while hands tackle daily dishes
Sometimes, hurriedly I shake off suds and type like mad 
before Think turns into Thought I Had😔

How commonly the hour swells with hello’s impending farewells
How seamlessly the moments meld to a world forever withheld
How suddenly this breath-by-breath can be snuffed like a flame, by death

How tenderly laughter adheres its happiness to sorrow’s tears
How surely we begin to sense the advent of Something Immense
How soberly we ought to be preparing for eternity

How certainly we move toward the veil between man and His Lord
How abruptly these days of grace can disappear without a trace
How verily the hours flow to farewell’s impending hello

© Janet Martin

How habitually we pour tea
Perched on the brink of eternity...

How much more somberly as we age
Do we perceive time's fluttering page...

Unchanging - The Passing and the Abiding - Ravi Zacharias

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