Monday, August 17, 2015

Oh, Days of August

Oh, days of August, sun-sweet summer days
Of mist-haze mantled morn, noon’s sultry sigh
A paradise of cricket-serenade
And pools of shade where barefoot dreamers lie

The aspirations of the heart are torn
Twixt holding close or bravely letting go
Reverie and renewal spar, forlorn
Because of what the head has come to know

…that August days settle like dust and haze
In echoes where yester-year’s summers waft
And all along the shoreline of Thought’s gaze
Its rolling, tolling waves crash whisper-soft

This chariot of fire soon relents
It sweeps across the eventide of years
Lavishing hills and trees with testaments
Siphoned from the well of Nature’s tears

Oh, days of August, sun-sweet golden ride
A sea upon which summer-drifters sail
Surely Mercy’s Goodness captures its tide
To blaze upon the hearth in winter’s gale

© Janet Martin

Don't look too far behind you 
or too far out to sea
But live-laugh-love right where you are
In the middle of what will be

For August waits for no one
A kiss of flower tears
A swish of golden-purple skirts
and then she disappears

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