Monday, November 11, 2013

Of Life and Leaves and Mysteries

2013 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 11

For today’s prompt, we’re going to write ekphrastic poetry–or poetry based off another piece of art or a photo

The melodies that filled the trees
Are scattered, splattered on earth-seas
Caught one last time upon a breeze
On farewell’s final ride
For in the free-fall of an hour
The whimsy of both youth and flow’r
Succumb to the immortal pow’r
Of mercy’s moment-tide

And one by one, like fallen leaf
We pass this way to rest beneath
The calling, sprawling, falling sheaf
Where death’s great mysteries hide
And none can surely know or tell
When is the hour of farewell
Or when will toll the mourning bell
As flesh and soul divide

The still-life pageantry of Time
Unfurls its little lilt and rhyme
A testing, wresting, hasting climb
In faith or fear’s control   
For, whether with earnest intent
Or bound by blinded ignorance
We, unlike falling leaves advance
To the home of the soul   

© Janet Martin

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