Sunday, December 26, 2010

Then a Memory.......

Some memories melt
Into the shadows of the soul
Warming the heart
In an hour that is cold
Some memories ache
…a sudden twinge
Of bittersweet
A ragged fringe
Of half-written poetry
Left undone
Because opportunity
Had come and gone
Some memories gnaw…
A continuous yearning
For a day unto which
There is no returning
Some memories heal
The lonely ache
Left by the memory
Of a sad mistake
Some memories fuel
A potent fire
Turning the wheel
Of love and desire
Some memories comfort
While some make us fret
Some remain forceful
When we’d rather forget…
Some memories light
A spark in the eye
Bringing a smile to our lips…
...some make us cry
Memory is a teacher
Sometimes kind, often cruel
Memory makes us wise
Or keeps us a fool
Some memories are gray
Some gently gleam
An undying ray
To the impossible dream
The unalterable bridge
To yesterday
A smile, tear or sigh
Then it fades away…
A ripple, a rhyme
A small wave in the sea
A moment in time…
...then a memory


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