Friday, May 29, 2020

The Young and The Old

 Last month I wrote this poem 
Of Chapters Closed as I contemplated the impact of
The Changing of the Guard next door
(aka new owners of the farm next door) young farmers kicked up
the dust of planting crops and dreams.

It officially changes hands on June 1st, just to clarify for my own peace of mind;
the farmer that is retiring is by NO means old!!
(he is the in the age-bracket of hubby and I😀)
He is just ready to hand over the reins to younger drivers...
(H-m-m! I wonder which one is the bride-to-be...scouting out their dream-home💓)

The young have the ambition that within the old has waned
The old have gathered wisdom that the young have not yet gained
The young have dreams enough to withstand work, grueling and hard
The old have borne Time’s sleight of hand and changing of the guard

The young are young enough to feel that Time is on their side
The old have been old long enough to know how swift its stride
Then thank God for the young where fire burns within their veins
And thank God for the old, willing to hand over the reins

The old train and equip the young, knowing what Time will do
…how soon the younger will become the older, yes, it’s true
For what once seemed remote and something other people bear
Has run its course across their skin, its fingers through their hair

The young have what it takes to make the old loosen their grip
The old have what it takes to make the young tighten the ship
The young have hopes not hampered by energy's empty jars
The old have sense enough not to throw water at the stars

© Janet Martin

This week-end is bittersweet; though we look forward to meeting our new neighbours,
we sure will miss the old!
 our life-long farmer-neighbours are moving/retiring!
 Couldn't have asked for better neighbours,
always so kind, generous and helpful
and we certainly wish them the best yet to come!

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