Monday, October 14, 2019




Leaves us breathless with sheer wonder
Grants us courage to proceed
Where God’s flawless displays thunder
Where nature’s pure pigments bleed

Wakes within us humble worship
Binds despair with hope’s kind gauze
Where an elemental courtship
Tugs us twixt will be and was

Hugs us with the arms of Jesus
Soothes the wounds of woe and dread
Gives us kind and tender reasons
To be filled with peace instead

Confounds us where explanation
Falls inept because of awe
Gratitude’s evaluation
Cannot perceive Mercy’s law

Makes us meeker, not self-seeking
Teaches us to hold, not clench
Makes us mind the words we’re speaking
Thirst for waters love can quench

Keeps us from becoming greedy
Thankfulness helps us admit
We are altogether needy
Recipients of grace; that’s it

© Janet Martin


  1. Yes, yes, and amen! Wonderful photos, too!

    1. Thank-you, Somehow death and sorrow make us re-count our blessings!


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