Wednesday, October 9, 2019

For The Love of Laughter...

Of all the blessings we recall
That strew fond echoes after
I think the very best of all
Are those that ring with laughter

© Janet Martin

I really appreciated this gift of laughter tonight
 at the expense of hubby's frustration as he talk-texted to me...
I had asked him if wants a thanksgiving dinner at noon or for supper on Sunday
and he was trying to tell me it depends where he needs to drive to on Sunday night to load pigs early  the next morning...either to Kincardine or Ingersoll...
That talk-text translator was having a little trouble understanding­čśé


  1. LOLOLOL ... Been there done that too! Sometimes I want to shut autocorrect off, he's so 'off' some days. I tried to tell my sister once that I was hankering for an old fashioned fudgsicle. Autocorrect interpreted that to mean 'fudge's uncle' and so the tasty chocolatey treat is now referred to as fudge's uncles. haha

    So when is Thanksgiving Dinner now? Thanks for sharing, it made me LOL.

    1. LOL!!! as frustrating as auto-correct is, it is good for a good laugh-till-you-cry laughter!

      We are doing after-church dinner rather than supper partly because it eliminates needing to know what to make for lunch;-)) I made some food ahead today because we have a funeral and a wedding on Saturday so it will be a busy week-end with much to reflect on concerning thankfulness! I hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving with much more laughter!
      God bless you and I will be by to visit 'your Beautiful life' sometime when I can collect my head again!


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