Friday, September 6, 2019

Of Miracles, Music and Moments....

Moved by the miracles of bloom and birth from earth’s vast vault of ‘Wow
It makes the commonest of noons feel like a Masterpiece somehow
And turns complaint to Shame-on-Me for who are we but fellowmen
With call to bear each other’s care and make the sad heart glad again

Moved by the music of the rain that thrums the laneway note by note
They pelt then melt in mirror-panes and little lakes where leaf-boats float
Like golden gondolas that seem to drift at ease but tug-tug-tug
Until the Very Thing that Is slips through the grip of hug-hug-hug

Moved by the moment always meting so much more than meets the eye
Something about the clout of clocks makes tick-tock seem more like good-bye
Or is it hello that murmurs like cello-solos through ramparts
Where miracles, music and moments tune the tides that move our hearts

© Janet Martin

Even in the silence we sense the essence of cello-strain...

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