Monday, July 15, 2019


Silver breeze cobbles blue seas to the dock
Bumblebee bobbles in pink hollyhock
As the spark flies, July follows its clime
Heaven-lent glimpses to season-bent Time

Shimmer of shadow on glimmer of wheat
Summer-sweet tempo tapped out in bare feet
Wildflower wanders wherever it will
Dreamer drinks wonder while standing stalk-still

Wanderlust dangles from towering trees
Duty’s Must tangles with flowering pleas
Moments unravel like petal-primed stave
Beneath the gavel of cradle-to-grave

Look, July’s garden, a free-for-all show
Look, how the hill glistens with summer-snow
Look, mallow, yarrow, mullein and milkweed
Where swallow, sparrow and finch sowed its seed

Creek slithers, sleek like a snake through the reeds
Week withers, swift like a gift full of needs
Clock is a pocket full of heart-shaped holes
Heart is a locket full of star-draped shoals

Tug-of-Tide hobbles the soul to the sea
March of Time cobbles streets with memory
Tall grasses tickle twilight’s crimson bars
As July passes in a splash of stars

© Janet Martin

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