Saturday, May 4, 2019

Your Mother's Heart...


It often looks like nothing much
Packed lunches; broom and mop
The tidy up and ‘extra-touch’
Of home-sweet-home on top

It might just look like ‘shoes to fill’
Or fresh-baked bread or pie
Or laundry washed and heaped until
It seems to reach the sky

Or hug and kiss, goodnight, sleep tight
Or ‘don’t forget to pray’
Or fingers washed or noses wiped
Or teardrops brushed away

…or window-sills with flowerpots
Or glass bowl filled with fruit
Or scolding naughty little tots
Lest seed of sin takes root

Or quirks that sometimes make you laugh
(Or roll your eyes a smidge)
Or keepsakes, like the photographs
That cover up the fridge

What do you see, dear girl and boy
Just dishes washed and dried?
After hot, home-cooked supper-joy
When it is cold outside

Does it just look like life to you?
Or chores performed in vain?

Well, I would like to tell dear
These common works of art
Are not all that they would appear
They are your mother’s heart

© Janet Martin

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