Wednesday, February 20, 2019

When Country Visits City...

 On Sunday we visited the city our middle daughter lives and works in....

She trades the rural panorama of meadow and stream
For glades of steel and concrete where sky-scraper spires gleam
And past her window hastes a never ending symphony
Of traffic noise that rushes like a river to the sea
And where a country night is tucked beneath star-studded deep
Her night dazzles with lights and sights and sounds that never sleep
No ribbit-ribbit lullaby, no wild forget-me-nots
Here towers almost touch the sky, here flowers bloom in pots  
Here mother looks a little lost and daughter leads the way
When country visits city for a bitty holiday

© Janet Martin

Whenever I go to the city I feel a little like the country mouse😁
 (mid-video begins the part of the story where country mouse accidentally ends up in the city)
how do I know this?! perks of childcare😉
plus, I love Beatrix Potter stories!


  1. "And past her window hastes a never ending symphony
    Of traffic noise that rushes like a river to the sea" --
    this is what I heard growing up :) and I miss that sound. Hope you've enjoyed your trip to the city, Janet, and it's so nice your daughter's not that far away, you can both visit each other. Happy for you!

    1. Yes, I'm so happy/thankful we are close enough to see each other pretty often! I'm sure you miss the sound of traffic if you grew up with it!!! Part of who you are, right? I hope you write a bio or memoir someday! the 'peek' into your past on your post a few weeks ago really piqued my interest!;-) My story goes something like this. Once upon a time there was a girl who grew up at the north end of a little village. In due time she married, moved to the south end of the village for one year til her grandma sold her house at the west end of the village where she lives to this day. the end. lol!

    2. as simple as it seems it has fulfilled many dreams and brims with blessings I better not miss by gazing at what might-have-been instead of this; what is!


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