Wednesday, February 6, 2019

More Than Time's Glance Can Tell

 Writing this while ice-rain pelts the window and all schools are closed far and wide!
An unexpected day off for me as well.
People are staying home unless they simply can't!
Hoping this ice-storm makes quick work of its 'art'.
We've seen too much of it for our taste in the past few years! 
(below, last April)

For behold, He who forms the mountains, who creates the wind,
and reveals His thoughts to man,
the One who turns the dawn to darkness
and strides on the heights of the earth,
the LORD, the God of Hosts, is His name.”

Amos 4:13

More than weather or if we have
Enough to make ends meet
More than fond plans before the grave
Claims what none can defeat
This day the Lord has made is more
Than almost-memory
It is a stepping stone toward
God and eternity

More than an orb of fate unfurled
More than money we earn
Naked we came into this world
Naked we will return
This trek of ‘all is vanity’
Of creature joy and grief
Is far, far more than we can see
Where none but God is Chief

Holy, holy, each breath we take
The soft undoing of
The stuff we heap, the plans we make
The people that we love
Where God so rich in mercy, gave
More than time's glance can tell
For death is greater than the grave
That holds the lifeless shell 

More than the bud of beaming spring 
More than summer's full bloom
More than autumnal winnowing
Before the wintry tomb
More than four seasons, round and round
On earth-bound carousel
More than a stint of lost and found
Beneath time's tolling bell

More than the host and boast of years
Whilst learning what we know
More than mist, kissed with smiles and tears
Where hold means letting go
More than a span of bread we break
Of hello and farewell
Holy, holy, each step we take
Toward Heaven or hell

© Janet Martin

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