Friday, October 26, 2018

Vows Of Poet And Muse

 Sometimes it's the branches stripped of summer's dress
Sometimes it is twilight's soft-flushed farewell-ness
Sometimes, it's a Friday full of love's to-dos
 That kindles the fire twixt Poet and Muse

Don’t be shy,
Ah, you and I
Yes, we make
Quite a pair
To others I am
Just a woman
Are simply air


Between us
There's a rush
That no one else
Can see
I am just a woman
You are


Don’t be shy
For you and I
Live, breathe, move
Heart to heart
For worse or better
We are wed
Until death
Us do part

© Janet Martin

Our (Muse and I) Friday-treat after the last kiddo is gone;
Fresh ground beans and a late-day cuppa joe

Happy whatever-you're doing!

I'm/we're😉 making applesauce
 (after coffee😋)

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