Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Thankful For the Chance...


How wealthy is the one who wears the very Thing worth living for
Where love’s greatest fulfillment bears a longing for a little more
Where we are never ready for those fond installments of farewell
Because the tug of heart-strings tolls a Very sentimental bell

How happy is the one who hurts because Love lavished her with years
While granting life’s best reasons to be overcome with tender tears
Where to have loved and been loved weaves a wonderland where echoes meld
And to let go is to have known the happiness of having held

How blessed beyond belief are we who shed the heady cloak of youth
To bear with kind humility Time’s bitter-sweetest yoke of truth
That leaves no shadow of a doubt as to the ways of life and love
Where all those hours spent together never seem quite long enough

How thankful is the one who learns to make the most of now and here
Aware that soon the afternoon wears shades that make it disappear
How hopeful is the one who does not hold too tight what mercy grants
But hears the music as it plays and does not wait, afraid to dance

© Janet Martin


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