Monday, October 29, 2018

Silk-soft, Soundless, White-whispered Hush

We've had enough white fluff here to make us think about winter tires etc.
...but happily nothing has finished off fall quite yet!

Silk-soft; from other-worlds aloft cloud-caldrons spill in snow
To gild fall’s fading flare with winter’s first frosty hello
Rollicking chill frills still-life poses of fence-post and tree
It settles in late roses; dusts with stars the dowdy lea

Soundless, like moments rife with life and transformation-bent
First snow wakes in Want’s weathered skin, a child-like wonderment
It stirs the human heart with art on wall-less arcades hung
The melting of a moment like snowflakes caught on the tongue

White-whisper kissed, the sky untwists the cork from flasks that brim
With sparkle-serenades that deck the hills and barren limb
Where it seems we sang hymns of spring not very long ago
Now lilting leaf lies still beneath the frolic of first snow

Hush, hush, the brush that dashes diamond-glitter to the world
Will bring, when bloom-time comes once more, the bitty bud unfurled
to everything under heaven there is a season, oh
Silk-soft, soundless, white-whispered Hush ushers in fall’s first snow

© Janet Martin


  1. Replies
    1. :) thank-you. We visited our daughter in TO on Sunday and I hear that the 'white whispers' fell there as well;-0


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