Wednesday, October 31, 2018

How Then..An October-Farewell Madrigal

How bittersweet the madrigal
Of rain and leaf-notes as they fall
Where petal-puddles pin Farewell
Like medals on earth's frayed lapel

How loyal is autumn's postcard
 Of hill and vale and boulevard
For Nature has no good-old-days
Unruffled by man's changing ways

How swift the scenes of summer spent
As green is bronze and umber rent
The headstones these fond hours wove
Are wreathed in smiles and tears of love

How soundless is the gong that tolls
This birth-to-death breath-hymn that rolls
In four-season-stanzas until
The hands and sands of Time lie still

How sacred is this Soul-full sweep
Where seasons grant what none can keep
As Someone silences the song
That strummed the air all summer long

How temporal the rise and fall
Of bud-to-bloom to deck-earth’s-hall
Where soon High Noon of Want achieves
The resting place of autumn leaves

How then we should not overlook
The Bigger Picture in a book
Where turn of page and age and leaf
Restores each flower to its Chief

© Janet Martin

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