Wednesday, August 22, 2018

For Track-Record Blazers

Sometimes there are pics I simply can't little fellows ( really cute too:)  on chairs facing the wall because they told a falsehood and 'he did too' is not an acceptable reason we talk about how this is not just about trying to get out of a consequence that telling the truth might bring(and that's a big decision for a little fellow) but then we discuss how terrible could consequence be compared to what is at stake if lying becomes a habit hard to break?!) 
because habits of today shape men of tomorrow, either trustworthy or not at all!? 
and which would they rather be?! 
Who we want to be when we are old begins today!

I'm not sure what actually happened because it all happened 'under-cover'😉after they
had played very long and well together in their spacious hideout.
A rainy day means couch-forts are allowed!...and various other in-door escapades!

The tool that blazes track-records into the sands of time
Can fool us by its common habits of humanity
Where touch and taste with moment’s haste makes more than echo’s chime
But something that tolls far beyond the grave; our legacy

The way we are is more than merely that or this, my dear
The footing we build on is set through simple do-and-say
Where choices made by long-gone men and women are still here
Like stitches in the fabric of the world we know today

The shirker and the worker will soon slumber side by side
And what they leave behind no up-and-comer can undo
Where a new era spreads its wings and sings ‘here comes the bride’
…where children teach their children what they learned through me and you

…where God is great and good and changeless through each age to age
His precepts infallible; the builder’s Chief Cornerstone
Then, come what may, where war against demons of darkness wage
Faithful abides The Rock that never can be overthrown

There is no new religion; we are all born Worshippers
Where who or what we worship we prove through the voice of choice
We frown or smile and all the while with fellow hims-and-hers
Leave mile on mile of aftermath; a path nothing destroys

Then we should all look long and well at what we leave behind
The tool that blazes track-records cannot be done away
But is a simple testament of footfalls of the mind
Ah, pray we set down trusty steps that lead no one astray

© Janet Martin

Our ancestors sinned and are no more,
    and we bear their punishment.

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