Monday, August 6, 2018

Coming to Grips...with the Thought of Today

...that's what it felt like this morning; SO many reasons to be glad...and sad.
Thought both a weapon and a shield, therefore
foolish to charge forth until we kneel
and commit today to He who will lead the way if we let Him!
yes, even through thorn-pricks of consequence when we were not 
'quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry'...
the first verse in our Sunday morning message. 

Now splays across dew-dressed newness of day
Visions that looking forward will contrive
Thought reaches to imminent come-what-may
For reasons to be glad to be alive
The cricket croons, the swallows dart and dive
In tune with He who has the final say

The golds and grays of high and lows enmesh
Ah, yesterdays and morrows none can clench
Where joy and sorrow-climaxes of flesh
Induce a thirst that no world-well will quench
…and we of rebel-nature cannot wrench
From Mercy’s mysteries, want’s willful ‘yes

Ah, consequence of action slips our mind
If impulse wins before we test its yield
The nugget of an instant, harvest lined
Like seeds, so small until they fill a field
Where what we plant in time will be revealed
To edify and humble humankind

…now splays across the loss and gain of days
Fresh ways to learn to discern love from lust
Thought reaches but cannot predict the ways
Of God; not ours to know but simply trust
Where crickets croon and swallows skim the dust
In tune with He who tips Time’s seasoned trays

© Janet Martin

 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he...

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