Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Seductions of Summer...

Off to taste as many of these temptations as possible the grace of God.

Yon meadow lures the passerby
To lie beneath heath of blue sky
Garden-rooms tease us to relax
And ease the groan of sweat-bent backs
Where side-by-side wide-eyed rainbows
Embrace us between zinnia rows
The cricket tugs at keened heart-strings
Its chirp-chirp joins the bird that sings
At break of day then flies away
To where the woodland breezes play
Wildflowers wow us with their laud
Yet most beheld by none but God
And fences flaunt poetic climes
That tempt us to trespass sometimes
The orchard winks at us to walk
And wander without clout of clock
The arbor bids us to recline
Beneath the ardor of the vine
And on the hill that wears morn’s mist
We want to be sun and wind-kissed
Without the fist of rules, alas
To draw us from its schools of grass
The lawn rolls out a welcome-world
Of shadow-pools and fronds dew-pearled
The backroad beckons us to roam
Gloriously lost yet close to home

© Janet Martin

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