Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy 75th Birthday, Mother

 In a few minutes this room will be filled with her daughters and daughter-in-laws for our annual Mom's-birthday-tea!
My turn to host!

On this very special Day, dear mom
We wish for you life’s best
That by the grace and love of God
Your year will be joy-blessed

On this, your seventy-fifth birthday
Mother, we want to tell you
How very dearly loved you are
Each day the whole year through

So, on this very special day,
We pray a special prayer
And thank God for the blessing of
Your love, sweet mother dear

We pray the Lord His face to shine
On you and give you peace
On this, your very special day
And until life will cease


...and a nice devotional out of an antique gem of a book!

...see you on the other side of tea and treats.
(Everybody brings a yummy something to enjoy with out coffee and tea)

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