Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Like Fall's Scattered Leaf...

 We have not yet had a killer frost in this area! Quite unusual.
Enjoying its boon of bonus-bloom moments!

Time’s garrulous enterprise of exchange
Makes strangers of each moment it imparts
Where font of memory alone sustains
November embers glowing in our hearts

A riot in tree tresses tosses gold
Up in the air and down beneath the feet
That tattoo streets and lanes with tried-true old
Rigmarole of dust to dust retreat

Ah, sweet fleet of vermilion dashed on blue
Where autumn’s loudest laughter will soon die
Its corpse a stark, raven-ink sketched ado
As Brute and Beauty clash in lullaby

Don’t cry, my love, for Moment’s slick employ
It is their joy we mourn; be glad for grief
Life’s proof of love quickens Time’s Chief Decoy
Of moments strewn like autumn's scattered leaf

© Janet Martin

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