Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Mother's Heart

 Precious weekend with the whole family passed SO fast!
All that remains is echoes...

There are gaps
When words don’t fit as well as she had planned
Perhaps if you live long enough, my love,
You’ll understand

Then there are words
You’ve heard so often maybe you don’t know
How ‘I love you’ wrings from its sentiment
Her joy and woe

There are tears
The years flow through us quicker now it seems
And she has learned to siphon splendor
From surrendered dreams

There are smiles
The miles we have to go would be too long
Without the beauty of love’s truly
Sentimental song

Then there are times
Sometimes when intention misses the mark
While gaps and words and tears and smiles blurt out
A mother’s heart

© Janet Martin

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