Monday, May 1, 2017

What Happiness a Baby Brings...

…and so they grow
Grandson Brantley will be 4 mos. in a few days.
He loves to come and hang out at grandma's house with mommy, 
as they did today to while smile away a rain-dreary afternoon.
(but NO smiles for the camera:)

 (Brantley greeting daddy just home from work)

Praying God’s guidance and blessing
to young parents everywhere
in their new greatest mission;

What happiness a baby brings
The crown-jewel of common kings
Where lilied light of laughter rings
The song-bells of the heart
With love of loves and joy of joys
As weeny girls and teeny boys
Heaven’s magnum opus deploys
To earth, its purest art

God smiles into our hungry arms,
A miracle of dearest charms
Wonder, both young and old disarms
With mutual delight
Then all we want to do is kiss
And cuddle newborn baby-ness
Because nothing compares to this;
…a baby to hold tight

What sacred task a baby brings
God entrusts us with angel-wings
That soon entangle in heart-strings
As they learn how to fly
While we learn how to hold-let-go
And teach the love of ‘yes’ and ‘no’
And my, how fast sweet baby grows
Hush-hush and rock-a-bye

© Janet Martin


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