Saturday, April 1, 2017

More Than Meets The Eye...

PAD Challenge: Day 1. For today’s prompt, write a reminiscing poem.
Suddenly first motherhood return in a flash and 24 years disappear!

We are having SO much fun since January brought a new wonder (first grandchild) into our days...

(January-photos by my niece Brittany Ruppert) 



There’s always more than meets the eye
The ear hears years long passed to naught
While days dole out their lullaby
To what we hold in hands and thought

Twenty-four years can disappear
Like nothing happened in between
The heart has doors no one can hear
They close on worlds once young and green

The clock can skin our talk alive
The jibe and jive of morn-noon-night
Distracts us, like a summer drive
When we forget time’s appetite

…’til, on the fringe of years run wild
We turn to hear a baby cry
Our firstborn holding her first child
There’s always more than meets the eye

© Janet Martin


  1. From where I sit, in time and years, You are so right. (and beautifully said)

  2. Look how much your little twinkle-bug has changed in just 3 months. There is something acutely special about the first grandchild. I suspect he will be the inspiration of many a poem.

  3. 'twinkle-bug':) love it...yes, he has and today he rolled over for the first time! simple, wonderful creature delights!


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