Saturday, April 22, 2017

Lest Honesty Becomes Us...

It's the splashes of perfect happiness that keep us dancing in the rain!

In time we learn there’s no such thing as perfect happiness
Its paradise is full of holes and hunger’s emptiness
And so we count our blessings and find reasons to be glad
Lest honesty unbridled lets love’s longing drive us mad

The soul is never fully satisfied, but oh, we try
Though hands and pockets cannot hold delight’s constant supply
For, even in the best of times, in time we come to grips
That perfect happiness is like a kiss upon the lips

Youth pursues pretty pictures dangling like a silhouette
Their happiness a safe hold in a house not broken yet
Where love in all its loveliness holds a lifetime to teach
...that perfect happiness is always almost within reach

In time we learn that life, in spite of love yields loneliness
Its paradise a treasure trove of kind forgetfulness
Where oft we name our blessings, humbled by the joys we’ve had
Lest honesty becomes us and love’s longing drives us mad

© Janet Martin


  1. Our teenage daughters most probably won't believe this, Janet, but it's so true.

    On the upside, we learn to delight in patching up those holes in the "paradise of perfect happiness" :)

    Don't you wish it did exist, though -- perfect happiness? Oh, well...

    1. No, our daughters don't know this yet, and I'm glad because the dream of it fuels hope!
      My, what a teacher life is! Human weakness will always keep us from perfect happiness. I guess that's why God made heaven, huh:)?...someday!....and yes! thank God for the 'patches'!

  2. Wonderfully written. Life is a wonder.

    1. thank-you Martin...a scarred,hard,ever-so-sacred wonder indeed!


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