Tuesday, April 25, 2017


 The final two-for-Tuesday prompt in April @Poetics Aside poem-a-day challenge is always: 

Write a love poem. Write an anti-love poem

Love roars through us like thunder; beauty and beast undeterred
It steals our breath with wonder and the hunger of mere word
It makes us happy, oh so happy, whispered from the heart
It makes us sad, so sad when we are far, too far apart

Love runs through us like roses; fragile petal loveliness
It pricks us to the quick with thorns of selfish thoughtlessness
It fills our gaze with sheer amazement; spills in laughter-gold
It startles us with sorrow when its vim turns dim and cold

Love slips through us; a smile-sigh-sacrifice miracle wrought
A ripple of redemption for all things that life is not
The very mention of its gift delights dust’s mortal clod
And makes us humbly thankful for its glory-glimpse of God

© Janet Martin

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  1. A marvelous song. Let us not forget Whose gift it is and keep it fresh.


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