Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Artiste Incognito

PAD Challenge day 18: Somehow we’re already on our third Two-for-Tuesday of the month; 
time is flying.
Here are the two prompts for today:
  • Write a life poem. The poem could be about the miracle of life, the complexity of life, the game of Life, or anything else that means life for you. Or…
  • Write a death poem. For most organisms, life leads to death. So this should be as full of possibility as the life poem.

We pretend not to mind
The way you turn a page
Like season-flickers on the wind
Of youth to middle-age

The mementos you make
Then take, ache in love’s sigh
The oceans you leave in your wake
Shimmer in days gone by

Where quivers on the air
Rush to finality
The resonance of here-to-there
A string of memory

How soundless are your feet
Your touch, a subtle knife
That sculpts from hours bittersweet
The echo of a life

© Janet Martin

I attended my friend's mother's funeral yesterday...
Nothing like a funeral to remind one of
life's brevity and death's finality


  1. Excellent and touching thoughts. I performed 147 funerals.

    1. wow! I guess that reality is something you are familiar with!!


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