Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Daze of Days...

Good morning! have your March days/daze blurred by in a haze of busy being?
Mine sure have and with five youngsters about to arrive, today will be no exception!
Happy daze/days:)

Daylight breaks free; trees drip with gold
Time is refreshed and young and bold
Where hope precedes the dreams we chase
And mankind’s needs must lean on grace

Each day soon slips from here to there
A blur of love and faith and prayer
While morning like a merchant hails
We rush its fields with empty pails

…what it will yield; ah, who can tell?
All we can do is live it well
Then, when dusk binds this bitty mile
We can look back on it and smile

© Janet Martin

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  1. Well said. :ive the best, the fullest life we can.


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