Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Soon There Will Be Flowers...

Soon there will be flowers
Trove of tempest drained
Lilies from lulled bowers
Violet vales unchained

Soon instead of snowflakes
Layered white on white
Spring will unveil landscapes
Dappled with delight

Beneath snow-quilt dozes
Tulip, daffodil
Gardens pink with roses
Daisy-dazzled hill

Hyacinth and lupine
Patient peony
Lilac, apple-blossoms
Green-leaf lacy tree

Winter winds down hours
To the poetry
Of bright-grinning flowers
Where white used to be

© Janet Martin

Soon while supper is cooking we will be looking at the clock, trying to decide if we should till or weed the garden, cut the grass or clean the windows, sweep porches or prune perennials, edge borders or freshen something with a fresh coat of paint so…enjoy the break!
Make that tea!

Read that book!

Soon there will be flowers…
 and weeds 
and cobwebs 
and gardens to dig 
and seeds to plant 
and trimming to do 
and bikes to ride 
and… well, you get the idea!


  1. Love the "bright-grinning flowers" image :)
    The tea looks SO good.

    1. The tea is special and so is the cup. Victoria gave me a special gingerbread tea from Teavana for Christmas. The tea-cup is from Melissa to Victoria. She found it at a vintage shop in Toronto:)
      The poem was written partly as a reminder to self:)

  2. The cup is gorgeous. I think tea calls for a cup, not a mug.
    Tastes so much better from a cup!


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