Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Somewhere Summer

Somewhere dewy daybreak blushes
Spills to gardens rainbow-spun
Somewhere velvet vesper hushes
Barefoot banter, sleepy sun

Somewhere hills are decked with daisy
Woodlands sire wanderlust
Somewhere afternoon wilts, hazy
Glazed with silt of harvest-dust

Somewhere raindrops melt in mirrors
Luring lads to more than look
Somewhere green is earth's prime color
Sculpts the bank that cups the brook

Somewhere destiny delivers
Somewhere blossom-beauty grins
Somewhere midnight’s homage quivers
From mist-silver violins

Somewhere boyish breezes murmur
Turquoise sea-song strums white sand
Somewhere, somewhere soul-sweet summer
Deftly drains time’s dextrous hand

Winter wails but not forever
Day by day its gales unchain
Fond fairways for sweet, sweet summer
To find Her way here again

© Janet Martin


  1. This is luscious. I am salivating for summer!

    1. :) Hi Jen and thank-you:) I suddenly had the need to drain some summer-hunger from my bones!

  2. Very beautiful and so tranquil. Lovely pictures too

    1. thank-you...makes me a little homesick for summer though there is so much to truly love in every season!


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