Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Everything About You Is Love...

Auntie Victoria and baby Brantley
Gramma Janet and baby

Grandpa Jim is talking to baby about hockey;-)

Dear baby,

Everything about you is love…
Tell me, what is dearer than this
Than when Heaven sends from above
A baby to cuddle and kiss

Everything about you is praise
To thank the dear Father above
For lending to our human ways
A brand new baby to love

Everything perfect and pink
And precious, as precious can be
Makes every thought that we think
As lovely, as lovely can be

© Janet Martin


  1. Always a miracle.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures.

    1. Yes, such a wonder...I could have sat for hours and watched his little sleepy face:)

      Don't worry...this blog will still post some non-baby pics but the new born stage is SO short we will be taking plenty of keepsakes!


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