Saturday, October 15, 2016

Of Human Interest

 Right now Ontario's highways and byways are full of fall sightseers...
But earth's highways and byways are always full of all-season sightseers
Happy Half-way through October!

There are wonders large 
...and small 

Earth boasts of God in poetry
It hosts volumes of vintage verse
In sweep of sky and land and sea
It sweetens Eden's morbid curse

Earth lisps His lines in laden vines
And cloud-designs scattered aloft
It utters sighs in butterflies
In ellipses pink-petal soft

Who has not heard, as daylight dims
A poem stirred from mist-shirred bars
Dusk sings its hymns in willow-limbs
And writes its poetry with stars

Earth’s ballads beam on gleaming hills
Where teeming flares of fall are splayed
In rhymes that spill their russet frills
Into stilled crypts where death is laid

From whence doth every morning come?
Original, like none before
Dawn is a Tome of perfect poem
Its bards can merely skim its core

Earth flaunts the poetry of God
In haunts of moss and fern and wood
Where leaves applaud and lilies nod
And we all note that ‘it is good’

Beneath the hue of heaven-blue
We minor poets nurse our yens
And will the blood of thought to bud
Into the poetry of pens

But earth exists in poetry
It does not force the Hand that writes
But cups the sea and hugs the tree
While we scavenge timeless delights  
Still, how much of its crux we miss
If what we see is all we see
The Author IS the emphasis
Earth simply spells His poetry

© Janet Martin

You alone are the LORD.
You made the heavens,
even the highest heavens,
 and all their starry host,
 the earth and all that is on it,
the seas and all that is in them.
You give life to everything,
and the multitudes of heaven worship you.

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