Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Morning Madrigal

The trees are sketched against the stretching sky in raven ink
We wake and stretch and do not know what this new 'Go' betides
Before we touch our feet down on time’s runway we should think
About the One who knows; then pray to He whose love abides

The landscape meets the skyline; we can never reach that place
Where earth and heaven meld into a mystic blue and mauve
Onward, upward, we stumble on time’s steppingstones of grace
Across crag and quagmire shod with God’s unfailing love

The leaf of autumn lingers for a little then it falls
The dust of daydreams teaches us what words can never spell
Soul-surges of surrender shape time’s tender madrigals
Where man and land have much in common; God’s love fills its shell

The birth and death of morn-noon-night begets Bygone’s attire
We should give earnest heed to deeds; they never fully dim
This little slip of season-silk that weaves Time will expire
Where God’s kind love and mercy tunes the Tide that leads to Him

© Janet Martin 

It's a beaut of a morning here! 
Enjoy its bouquet of colored leaves garnished with sun...

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