Thursday, October 6, 2016

Autumnal Odyssey

Dawn’s golden gilt exhales its sigh
Before it wilts in noon-blue sky
Our dust of trust soon silt of thought
Is spilt to dusk’s supernal plot

Twilight tolls its neon farewell
Hello cannot escape its knell
Hulled Haunting swells, succumbs to sleep
Like dells flaunting bloom-bells knee-deep

Life’s lot of thought and care and prayer
Is caught up on soft wafts of air
Where not one jot escapes the gaze
Of He who allots autumn’s ways

The wick of tree and lea is lit
Like flickers on a candlestick
Where tick and tock of hill and sky
Quickens the advent of goodbye

© Janet Martin

Me, oh my,
 Morning's blue sky
full of day
fades fast!


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