Saturday, September 24, 2016

With What We Have...

 This little tootsie makes the world a better place just by showing up...
wouldn't it be nice if everyone could say the same for us?

If, we with what we have can learn to make the best of it
Then we, with what we have will make this world a better Here
For who of us does not have what it takes to smile a bit
Or in the face of disappointment offer words of cheer?

If we, with what we have try hard to make the most of it
Then what we have will never seem like it is not enough
For what we do will be for more than our own benefit
As we, with what we have, turn it into thank-you and love

In this tip-o’-time’s-hat, if we endeavor to commit
Each bit of grin and grit to our full ability
And if, with what we have we try to make the best of it
Then what a better place our corner of the world will be

© Janet Martin

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