Friday, September 9, 2016

Middle-age Bravado

I had a delightful luncheon yesterday, to celebrate a dear friend's birthday.

 ...cherishing the slower pace that we allowed ourselves to take (in Elora Ontario)

...even photographing our purses because they looked nice together, just like good friends!

I am not afraid of you, Father Time
Your scruffy face makes me glad
To be alive

When I look in the mirror
See your kiss upon my cheek
I count my blessings

Though you vex me with the ways
Of middle-age grace
I will not quit

…until That Day.
Until then I will let you
Walk through me

Chase me across the
Yard, scattered with summer’s
Tattered postcards

Father Time, I invite your touch because
I am not afraid of you

© Janet Martin


  1. What a lovely place to have lunch, Janet! Sitting out on that balcony by the water must have been a delight.

    I like your poem and smiled at your last stanza. Not afraid of you...much. Indeed.

  2. Ha ha..Sounds lovely..
    Isn't that quote amazing? Every time I see it I fall in love with it..
    I hope you visited the book store..?
    I was sad to miss it, but glad you had fun without me...;)

    1. missed you! We popped in at the book store a little. SO many books that it could be a whole separate outing, just going there!


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