Friday, September 16, 2016

Allow Me, Said The Morning...

Allow me, said the morning as she gently took my hand
Today, because no one has been here is a foreign land
And I, fresh from the touch of God cannot contain my joy
Where hope’s cup runneth over with new moments to employ

Ah, let me introduce you (before shadows intercede
And dusk becomes the fellow that draws shut what dawn decreed)
To this anointing readied, not by mortal mien, but God
And how its grant is steadied by far more than shores of sod

Hark to the melody that tumbles from heaven to earth
Where dark is never deeper than ‘ahoy’ of new day’s birth
See, how the worth of what we do is more than gold or fame
But all about the love whereby we tender our claim

Surely goodness and mercy reigns, not fear and hate and doubt
From hill and hollow, rill and plain weather-veined legions shout
Earth rings with praise to He whose grace succours the eastern brim
Allow me, said the morning, to join you and worship Him

© Janet Martin

Another last-day-of-the-work-week hails! 
What do you plan to do before this last-Friday-before-Fall is folded forever?
After I bake a carrot cake for Dad’s 75th birthday celebration tomorrow night 
I hope to work outside this whole sunny, summer day long!
Wishing you a wonder-full whatever-this-day brings! 

p.s. Don't forget to walk in the moonlight tonight. It promises to be a BIG one(moon, that is:)!

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