Friday, August 26, 2016

The Best There Is (For Now)

The Best There Is breaks through the mist and wakes the air with gold
Without a look askance Patience refurbishes our hold
And while we struggle on toward the climax of this Climb
The Best There Is (for now) unravels seasons into Time

The outcome of The Best There Is (for now) is veiled in hours
Its substance lights time’s temp’ral flare and annihilates flowers
Though victory is certain for the one who has believed
On this side of The Curtain oft, the heart is vexed and grieved

We cannot bypass misfortune; oh, we would if we could
The Best There Is (for now) insists upon its honing good
And offers, for our pain and pleasure, views in sundry hue
Ah, though hurt metes its measure; there is joy and laughter too

We, shod with ignorance that knowledge cannot supersede
Are often quite breath-taken with the colors of our need
As, poised upon a mystic brink of who-what-when-where-how
We, by God’s grace embark upon The Best There Is (for now)

© Janet Martin

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