Wednesday, August 31, 2016

New Seasons = New Reasons To Be Thankful...

Sometimes in the middle of the muddle
That befuddles us with its roar
We find, if we pause a little
So much to be thankful for

The song of summer becoming
The gong of early fall

The crickets of August strumming
A farewell madrigal

The tiptoe of time undoing
That which no one can still

Yet each dawn keeps on renewing
With dew-dazzled refill

The whisper of Something stirring
In spite of Something lost

The pictures of Passage blurring
On a landscape of thought

The door that is always open
In spite of those that close

The More that comes with each morning

Like buds before the rose

The banter from yon decanter
Where ever new seasons pour

New reasons ripe with wonder
Of much to be thankful for

© Janet Martin

Somehow, for me the weight of change feels heaviest at the end of August...

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