Friday, August 19, 2016

Like a Flower From God...

Dawn’s flagon overflows, its hour flowers, pink and gold
The haze of days gone by purples the brink of Still Untold
It breaks the black bowl flecked with silver stars, it wakes earth’s bars
And splays upon green field and lawn, a veil of fallen stars

Tomorrow is not broken yet and yesterday is nil
The aftermath of choice is full of virgin choices still
Today awaits, let not the gates of heaven ope in vain
As Time becomes a tide of light and mercy’s ‘try again’

The weight of worry can be like a pack upon the back
Its fear can commandeer our lack of trust; turn morning black
Oh God in Heaven, help us to relinquish the Unknown
And trust that Hand that sets on sinking sand, hope’s stepping-stone

The way from here to There is fraught with unexpected turns
The heart must learn to bears its share of ache where hunger burns
With The Intangible Awareness of an awesome flask
That fills dawn’s flagon with much more than misery and task

The severance of seasons is a smooth and subtle rend
It startles the onlooker caught where past and future blend
And, though The End is not in sight, we stand where petals lie
The morning, like a flower from God’s love to you and I

© Janet Martin

Last night was a black demon(the kind only talking to God can overcome)
robbing me of sleep, deep into its wee hours...
This morning the sky is a flower in God's hand.

Let's make the most of what often seems like nothing out of the ordinary,
until something shakes that oblivion, and wakes us to its wonder!


  1. Beautiful words, Janet. I hope you are well.

    1. Thank-you Dayle. Yes, we are well. It's the love-bears-all-things part of being part of a family:) And God's answer came definitely and clearly this morning...literally moved me to my knees and tears!


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