Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bit of Ink...

How curious that a bit of ink
Twisted into letters, then word
Can move the mind to think and think
And touch the heart to wonder stirred

A bit of ink can paint a tree
All heavy-bent with summer’s cape
It unveils thought; un-dams a sea
Where poetry and song take shape

How curious that a bit of ink
Can put a smile upon the lip
Or kiss the downcast sky with pink
Or be like a passenger ship

A bit of ink can make us blush
If it reminds us of our guilt
It buoys our pull and push
When it is wise and gently spilt

How lovely that a bit of ink
From me to you can wish us well
And be a world-wide common link
By what a bit of ink can spell

 © Janet Martin 

Sometimes I'm blown away by the inexhaustible potential of a bit of ink! 
What have you written lately?
A recipe, card, letter, grocery list, song, story, poem, note, a love-note, maybe?
an information article, cartoon, an obituary, a memorial tribute, resume`, a speech, an address,
reminder, to-do list, a prayer, instructions, directions, a blog post, an apology ? 
The options are quite endless:)


  1. Just wrote out a recipe on my blog. Made a grocery and menu list earlier this morning. Sitting here writing you a wee note, Janet.

    I love how you use that bit of ink to create such lovely thoughts and ideas for us to enjoy.

    Wishing you a beautiful evening ... it's gorgeous here tonight.

    1. Well, I guess I missed this last night so, good morning! Thank-you for sharing what you wrote:) very interesting. It got me to thinking about what I wrote yesterday besides poetry...a few e-mails, this reply to you, to-do list, dates on jars of canning, phone messages to pass on...I wonder what it will be today! (I like the menu-list idea:)

      After a day with mostly down-pours (the first one we've had this summer!!) last evening was gorgeous here too. So is this morning.

      Hope you have a lovely day and Happy Writing!


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