Sunday, June 26, 2016

Unspoken Understanding

Today,  I ask you to write a love poem. Not for your spouse or significant other. Not to your children or parents. Not to a lost love. I want you to write a love poem to your favorite character in literature. Or Television show or Movie. A variation of this… write the love poem to yourself as that character you admire! Even though the “love” will be unrequited, spill the passion. Write the love poem! (Don’t worry, no relationship will be harmed in the execution of this exercise!)

Yes, we understand each other
Kindred spirits, kept apart
By too many generations
Long lost lovers, heart to heart

They don’t make them like they used to
Your blue eyes can undo years
Until nothing seems between us
Then we dance; time disappears

When you waited in that meadow
Grief and passion inter-wound
I knew I’d love you forever
Farewell forced by moral ground

I won’t tell, and you can’t, darling
Come close, let me hold your hand
Soft, the seasons fall between us
Yet I know you understand

© Janet Martin

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