Monday, June 13, 2016

Of This

 Memories/lifetimes are made out of small everyday moments that we sometimes hardly think about...
I hope today's memories include a major house-tidy-up!

Take this day, unfold, untwist
Memories are made of this

Take this moment that you hold
Shape it into mem’ry-gold

Wish and want are futile fronds
Work with Now, ere it absconds

Leave Unknown-Unseen and such
Weave with strands that skim your touch

Take this day, soon it will be
A small stitch in history

Work, play, hope, pray, laugh, weep, kiss
Memories are made of this

© Janet Martin


  1. The pics are amazing ! I bet you're loving this camera...and perhaps feel just a twinge of guilt towards the retired pink one??:)

    1. haha:) maybe feeling a twinge of guilt that I'm not feeling a twinge of guilt;-)oh, it is SO nice.


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