Monday, June 13, 2016


Wow! What a week and weekend of multiple birthday and wedding celebrations...on we go:)

Milestones flare then fade and fold
Memories wear jaded gold
Art of have-and-hold employs
Echoes bold with scattered joys
As we turn to face anew
That which yet remains to do
Second miles and stalwart smiles
Where the call of life beguiles

Memories wear moments spent
Dawn renews God’s covenant
Hours splay and spill their lot
Ere they fold away to naught
June, the green of earth betides
Soon its stream of mirth subsides
Before slips to After, oh
Milestones melt like April snow

Tick by tock, the walk is strewn
With the dust of dusk-dawn-noon
Hellos-farewells coalesce
Sorrow refines happiness
Where the course through which years waft
Opens doors that close silk-soft
As the surge of seasons ache
Leaving milestones in their wake

Who of us can tell what waits?
Morning breaks through mercy’s gates
Morrow-milestones wear mist-veils
Moments pour from God-kissed grails
To this race of hope and grace
Time is such a little place
Where life’s call to love is laid
On this day the Lord has made

© Janet Martin

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