Monday, April 18, 2016

Office Like No Other

Writer's Digest PAD Challenge day 18:For today’s prompt, write an office poem. 

Her desk is cluttered with fixings for supper
Her office, a happening place
Of telephone ringing and little child singing
While bringing a smile to her face

Her toil is a humble hierarchy
Rewarded with fridge-door art
And darling chatter, dusting, dishes and laundry
While bringing a smile to her heart

She toils, not for mere money-chasers
For her common service is such
The future depends on the fruit of her labor
And it brings a smile to her touch

Until death, she cannot relinquish
The charge of an Office so dear
That it takes a lifetime to fully accomplish
And it brings a smile to her tear

Where her office is strewn with clutter
Of noise, toys and tools of love’s care
Her title like no other, simply this; Mother
And it brings a smile to her prayer

© Janet Martin


  1. And you are SO good at what you do. I'm always in awe, Janet.
    And did I mention you're also a great poet and photographer? :)

  2. Truth and beauty. Mothers everywhere will thank you.


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